Estonian swims 18.6 miles with a monofin for Guinness World Record


An Estonian swimmer celebrated her 30th birthday by swimming 18.6 miles with a monofin and breaking a Guinness World Record.

Merle Liivand donned the monofin — a swimming fin resembling a mermaid’s tail — in Miami Beach, Fla., and went swimming for 9 hours and 19 minutes to achieve the record-breaking distance of 18.6 miles.

Liivand previously held the record in 2019, when she swam 6.2 miles with a monofin, and in 2020, when she swam a distance of 12.8 miles.

Liivand said her record-breaking swim was aimed at raising awareness of marine pollution.

“There’s too much trash on the beach. Pick up your trash,” she told Guinness World Records.